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Showers of Love

Imagine bubbles shaped like hearts, floating into the sky, as each one pops the children giggle as they are showered with sparkles of love.

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Can You Stop and Listen?

Can you hear the silence? Can you hear the sounds of your beating heart? Can you give yourself permission to stop and listen? Can you hear the wonder and beauty in the world around you?

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Kitty Hearts

Well, this is one little fellow who truly follows his heart and wears it on his sleeve — enjoy! Little Valentine Kitten

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To Love

There is no judgment. There is only my love. To live with heart is to believe and preach this. This is giving others the freedom to be who they are and to live your life in Joy and lead by example.

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The Heartbeat of the Universe

Universe – whole, infinite, aware, knowing, fulfilling, changing in fluidity. Growing in awareness, shifting with the cosmos, pulsing with life. Come to our heart and grow in your own. We open our hearts to the vastness of love and light … Continue reading

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With Heart

Breathe into heart, Grow into heart, Fill self with heart, Explore self with heart, Nurture self with heart, Heal self with heart, Become self with heart.

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