Welcome the Light

On this beautiful Solstice day take a few minutes to set your intentions for the new quarter year. Stand or sit int a quiet place – take a deep breath in and feel yourself fill with gratitude and love. Take another deep breath – this time breathing into your heart – feel yourself filling with joy and light. Close your eyes and take one more deep breath into your heart and fill it will love. Now close your eyes visualize your intentions for the new quarter –  give them life with joy, love, and much gratitude. If you can date piece of paper and write these intentions down. Hold the paper to your heart and breath in more joy and gratitude – visualize a gold thread from your heart to your paper. Give thanks for all that you are, give thanks for all that you have, give thanks for all that can be. Go forth into the solstice to welcome the light with joy and happiness.

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For My Mom

A Mother’s love grows from a passion deep inside her heart. She protects and defends those she loves with a fierceness born from this passion. She nurtures and guides; cares and tends those she loves – wholly and completely. She is chosen by God and Spirit to be the one. She is guided and watched over by angels. No matter who you acknowledge as your Mother be sure she knows today how much she means to you. How much you appreciate, her passion, fierceness and wisdom. For she is unique and amazing gift. 
I love you forever Mom even though you are no longer on this earth with me. 

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Hidden Freedom

Hidden in the heart of each passing soul lives the truth waiting to be revealed.
Truth waiting in expectation of acknowledgment, of release, of freedom.
Reach out to those around you –  send them love from your heart to their heart.
Be open to the possibility that both your hearts will know the truth that lives inside.
Allow it to be acknowledged, released and freed –
find joy in who you are and who you are meant to be.

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Greetings 2017 – Welcome!

Greetings New Year!

This year I open my heart to the newness that each second, each minute,
each hour, and each day brings.

I have so many opportunities to reset or reframe how I look at the world and how I choose to live my life. I rejoice in these endless opportunities as I create a life of abundance, joy and love. I lead by example and allow the world around me to shift.

Hurray for 2017!!

2017 Love and Happy concept heart word cloud

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Clearing out my ‘stuff’ makes room for amazing awesomeness!

What can you release today and where will it take you?

Beautiful girl in plaid dress with multicolored balloons and bag on countryside

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May your creations this day be one with ALL of your HEART!


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Spirit of the Heart

Childlike spirit come jump with me and reach for laughter.
Playful spirit come dance with me and reach for dreams.
Joyful spirit come sing with me and give voice to my hopes and desires.
Creative spirit touch my hands and create my dreams.
Restless spirit come be with me.
Sit in the stillness of my heart.
Be with me as I jump, dance, sing and create my dreams.
For then the your restlessness will be soothed and heart and soul
will revel in completeness and joy and love.

A crochet chain in the shape of a heart

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The Rollercoaster of Life

Hold fast to the anchor of your heart, for it is your place of power and strength.
The place where your words, actions and beliefs come forth
and connect to the everyday world.
Each morning before you rise –  breathe into your heart space
with gratitude for being alive,
And knowing you are loved by God, your angels and guides.
Visualize ease and light throughout your upcoming day.
Now you can step on the roller coaster of life and let your heart sing with joy!!

Silhuette of a rollercoaster

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Let Your Heart Soar

Open your heart to a new day, to a New Year of infinite possibilities. Release with forgiveness and compassion all that did not serve you last year. Build this New Year with a love of self and others. With dreams and desires – let your heart soar!!Herzfrmige rote Luftballons

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Balancing my Life

I create a life that is balanced for myself. I listen to what others have to say and thank them. I listen to the world around me and am grateful. Then I turn inward and view all that I have learned asking my heart what is true for me. My heart knows what I want and need. When I learn my lessons from my heart I begin to move into balance in all things. My soul rejoices.

Follow Your Heart Or Your Head?

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