Your Heart Note

The Heart Notes I create are in written form. Once I have spoken to you and we discuss the issue/question you want to address I will schedule a time for your reading. Since I am working with your higher self and guides we do not have to be in the same physical location for your session, but I may ask you to provide your photo or business card. When I have completed the session you will receive (via e-mail or US postal Monet Water Liliesservice) a written version of your Heart Note.

A single Heart Note session may include channeled messages, prayers, affirmations and or blessings. In addition I often perform clearing work on your behalf with your higher self and guides. Sometimes your Heart Note may have suggestions for certain optional flower essences to help support the work I have done. These can be obtained from Jane Bell Essences or Alaskan Essences.

Services and Fees

Each session is very individualized and the messages I receive vary widely.

Heart Note session is $80

Extended Heart Note sessions are available upon request for an additional charge.

Small group channeling sessions are available by appointment.

You can request a personalized Heart Note by calling Ronnie at 707-573-9649 or emailing Ronnie.

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