Father’s Day

Daddy’s Girl –
The park – feeding the squirrels.
The zoo – the polar bear named Mike.
My new bike – sans training wheels.
Train rides across the midwest – dome car views.
Small town –  real A&W root beer.
High school –  growing pains, yet you still defended and loved me.
Facing loss together and missing Mom forever.
My move far away and wonderful visits.
Wedding days – walks down the aisle.
Grandsons –  pride and love.
Moving 2600 miles from home –  an amazing blessing for me.
Losing you –  a pain the never fully leaves.
The special gratitude I feel for all the love and laughter and curiosity.
You nurtured me with your gentle spirit and kind humor
and unconditional love.
I hope I made you proud.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. Whether your children are yours through birth or life circumstances – may your day be filled love and life and our complete gratitude for all you have done.

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