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A Wondering Heart

A wondering heart, through curiosity grows. Seeking, questioning, learning, growing. Watching new adventures unfold – to know possibility. To feed the soul. Where will your heart take you today?

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Speak your truth and say what you need to say

Speaking our truth heals our hearts. the lyrics of this song express exactly that!! Have a lovely day!

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Winter Sky

Winter sky, streaked with blues and grays – Holds us close with cool hands. The sun peeks through, Bathing cool shapes with the warm light of heart. Expanding to envelope winter sky in the warmth of 
oranges and yellows and … Continue reading

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One Heartbeat

one world, one nation, one people, one person, one heart brings us together. For the heart beat of the world exists in all living things – plants, animals and in all humans. Be the heartbeat to soothe and calm our … Continue reading

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