Exploring Home

In this turbulent world it can be challenging to find a place where we can
feel safe and secure.
However, no matter where you live, each of us has a place where at one time or another we felt safe, secure and connected- this feeling can become your home
It may be a physical place or just a memory of a certain location. 
It is in this place that you felt safe. 

You can use this feeling of safety to ground yourself and bring your mind and body into alignment with your heart. 

Take a moment, close your eyes and place both hands over your heart – now imagine yourself (if you cannot physically be there) in the space you feel
most at “home.” Breathe deeply for a few minutes and listen for the whispers of home as you connect to your heart. 

Acknowledge these whispers with love and if they are negative or not serving you – let them go thank them for any lessons you have learned. 

If the whispers you hear make you feel good, happy, joyful –  breathe a little deeper and anchor them into your heart. 

When you lower your hands and open your eyes know you can take this feeling of home and safety, connectedness and grounding with you anywhere. 

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