Seeds of Spring

Shoes & socks discarded.
Bare feet on Spring–sun warmed earth.
Reaching down,
my hand touches this warm ground.
I allow the warmth to fill me,
much as it does the blossoming trees,
the tufts of new grass,
the emerging bulbs.

Allowing myself this time of earth
and sun warmed moments,
nourishes my heart and soul.
Seeds planted in Winter’s quiet days and nights
begin to grow within my heart.
Opening and reaching for warmth,
for nourishment,
for light,
for all that I provide in the space of my heart.

For I am like the newness of Spring growth,
blossoming into who I was truly meant to be.

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2 Responses to Seeds of Spring

  1. Lea says:

    Just beautiful Ronnie… each word a bloom, blossoming from your heart… thank you!

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