Prayer for the Animals

I want to share a prayer from Marla Steele – this was written with the intention to hold space and light for the animals who inhabit this planet with us. Please take a moment and enjoy.

We are united in spirit sending peace, love and protection to all animals on our planet.

To those with special needs, who may be unwell, we visualize and affirm their healing now.

For the animals getting ready to transition into the next leg of their journey, we see them doing so blissfully and gently.

We send love and light to those lost and missing animals, and see them happily reuniting with their families and friends.

We envision all of our shelters emptied as surrendered animals now live in nurturing, life-long homes.

We call in extra blessings and support for all humane organizations, educational foundations and the souls throughout the world working on behalf of our animals’ highest and best interests.

We enjoy seeing wildlife and nature thriving living harmoniously in healthy, balanced ecosystems.

We are open and receptive to all good and we welcome any miracles with a grateful heart.

Hold the space of love and reverence for all life.

Focus on any specific pets, breeds endangered animals or issues dear to your heart. Please spend a moment consciously connecting to the elementals to help purify & heal Japan and the Southern US and prevent future disasters.

Here is a link to Marla’s web site —

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