Resurrecting Your Dreams

Easter Day is a day of resurrection – a time to look inside
and see what still awaits within you just waiting to be reborn.

Do you remember what it feels like to play as a child does?
– free from worries and cares?
Enjoying life to its fullest in each moment.
Maybe this is the time to resurrect your inner child!

When was the last time you walked barefoot on the earth?
Letting your bare feet feel the dirt,  grass, sand, cement or even asphalt.
Taking this simple action of walking barefoot outside allows us to reconnect
and resurrect your relationship with our Mother Earth.

What about your creative and expressive self?
What can you do to resurrect that part of you who revels in
creating something fun or new or different!

Or – maybe most important – what about those you care about?
Take the time today to recognize that in our busy world
we often say things out of habit.
Just for today, stop and breathe into your heart space.
Feel the love of self, of being alive, of the wonder of our world.
Now reach out to those around you and share this love –

For this – LOVE – is the true message of the Easter.

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