Into the Garden

As I sit on the grass,
in the middle of this lovely garden,
I am surrounded by the energy of sweet earth
and beautiful flowers.

sun, moon, stars

Images of suns, moons, angels and love surround me, beckoning me to be a part of their nourishing world.

Dozens of bells chime as the angels herald my arrival in this place of peace.



This magical garden holds strong among the chaotic outside world.
Allowing those who enter to be one with love, purity, joy and light.

Open to the sky,
bound to the earth.

glowing flower

A place where angels and faeries dance together in sunlight and in moonlight.

A place where all are welcome to find their peace, their joy and their healing –  in love from the heart.

This post is dedicated to my friend Jan’s beautiful garden and her willingness to share it with others.

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