Prayer to My Inner-Heart Self

Wrap me in your arms.
Comfort me if I am fearful.
Soothe me if I am sad or hurting.
Heal my wounds –  both past and present,
Heal me on all levels – spiritual, physical and emotional.
Heal me without judgment or criticism.
Hold me in your unconditional love.
Show me compassion and self-acceptance
Fill me with joy & peace.
With each breath remind me that you are within me always.
Help me to strengthen my connections each day to –
To my god-self,
To my light,
To my truth,
To my power.
Help me strengthen this inner-heart connecttion
 to who I am
and who I will always be – ME!

heart clay hands

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2 Responses to Prayer to My Inner-Heart Self

  1. Thank you for this pray and affirmation, Ronnie. “Your Spirit Rocks ! ”


  2. Susan Kistin says:

    Ah! Just perfect for today! Thank You, Thank you!!

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