Looking Inward

winter evening

As winter solstice and the shortest day of the year approaches,
it is truly time to turn inward and listen to the words of your heart and soul.

Give yourself permission to be in a place of quiet reflection
and ask yourself these questions:

What in my life needs to be healed?
Look at the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of you
while you ask this question.
Begin breathing deep into your heart space
visualize each of these areas one at a time.
Call on your own higher self, your angels, your guides, your higher power –
Ask for help with the healing that needs to take place.
Breathe deep again and allow it to start.
Give thanks that now the healing has begun.

Where in my life is forgiveness needed?
Look not just outwards to other people or situations.
Where in your life do you need to forgive yourself?
These simple words, based in Hawaiian culture and tradition
are very powerful when spoken with intent from the heart.
Visualize the situation or person you need to forgive
and simply repeat from the heart –
Thank you,
I love you,
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me.

Where in your life is more compassion needed??
Again, look to yourself and to the people and situations in your life.
Ask your heart to acknowledge these needs,
now send out the energy of forgiveness,
of acceptance and of gratitude for the lessons learned.
Now send pure unconditional love from your heart.

Feel the deep release that happens as you work through
these steps and as solstice approaches. Cleanse your body,
mind and spirit in preparation for new beginnings.


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