Energy Healing and Support

Michaela McGivern – Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing

Deborah Myers – HEALTH at your fingertips

Jin Shin Jyutsu and Accupressure
Pay special attention to her Daily Clean Your House Flow –
link on right side of her home page.

Flower Essences and Education

Jane Bell Essences

Nature Intuitive and Flower Essence Diva!
Co-founder Alaskan Essence Project

Alaskan Essences

Essences, practitioner kits, and education

Perelandra Center for Nature Research

Essences, education and online resources for working with nature

Intuitive and Coaching Practitioners

Jan Kucker – On The Wings of Angels

Marla Steele

Animal Intuitive

Cynthia Riggs – Women Building Business

Business Coach extraordinaire